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Toad Removal in SE Florida

 Weekly Poisonous Cane Toad ( Bufo Marinus) removal from your yard. We work during the night. We find, remove and humanly kill the invasive Bufo Marinus from your property. Keep your dogs safe from the poisonous cane toads, by hiring us during the summer months.

Service areas: West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth,

5 weeks plan $250

5 weeks plan

Radically removes Bufo Marinus from your yard

10 weeks plan $400

10 weeks plan

We recommend this plan to eliminate poisonous toads before your dog finds them.

20 weeks plan $700

20 weeks plan

Safest plan to keep your dog safe during the whole summer.

Are you in the pet or garden business and you would you like to be our friend? Please contact us and let us know about your service.

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